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Front of House
Mixing  Services

Whether you need to ensure your message is heard to motivate a sales staff at an annual company meeting or, you are looking for an engineer to help you touch the emotions of your fans, Equilibrium Audio can deliver a quality mix of your event to your audience.

Band Performance

Focused Service Monitor Mixing is what we provide at Equilibrium Audio. Hearing yourself is key to a successful performance. We provide monitor engineering that is focused on providing what you need where you need it. Whether you need In Ear Monitor Support, Loud Wedges or, Simple Foldback, we provide a monitor experience that is tailored to the needs of the talent.

focused service monitor mixing



An operational audio system is vital to a successful event. Our System Technician Services ensure that your audio system operational, patched, tuned, and aligned so your production team can focus on delivering a high performance event.


Microphone on Sound Board


With Equilibrium Audio’s Venue System Service,  performed by certified audio technicians, we can help protect your investment from misuse and abuse. Our systemized process works whether technicians are provided by Equilibrium Audio  or, we are providing a template for house technicians to follow that creates accountability and eliminates excuses.

VEnue System Service

Recording Studio


Broadcasting or Webcasting Mixing services are available for sporing events, eSports, concerts, and all other events when you need to reach your audience anywhere in the world.

Broadcast mixing services

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