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Finding the Balance Between Live and Perfection


At Equilibrium Audio we are always striving to accurately convey the intention and emotion of the artist to the audience - whether that audience is in at the show or in the home.


In the Home

In the home - Like during a live performance, either acoustic or amplified - tradeoffs are made in the transmission of sound to the listener.

Deciding on what equipment to buy, where to put it, how to wire it, and how to ensure proper set up can leave the busy music lover and audiophile stressed and disinterested.

Hi-Fi dealers and salons are a great resource however, they tend to SELL rather than GUIDE. They have inventory to sell which means their approach will be biased based upon their current inventory, profit margin, and cash flow challenges.

Equilibrium Audio is a trusted Luxury Audio Consultant whose only goal is to get as close to perfection for our clients as possible. We strive to reunite our clients with the music and artists they love by removing barriers to the enjoyment of music.

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